Language of difference.


The “Book of Tiles” tells a true story, that has
its roots in a unique and extraordinary territory :
Vietri sul Mare, Cava dè Tirreni, Salerno and, above all,
a culture of making and designing that, from this place,
left for a long journey in the world; it is always recognizable
because its protagonists belong to a tradition and a sensitivity,
inimitable elsewhere.

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“I really like these colours that seem stretched out as if they were a proof of a project, of a product, before going to serial production. As if to affirm that each tile is a separate picture, totally different from all the others.


For years, I have been saying that it is necessary to maintain a connotation that, alongside the practical function of an object, must be magical, persuasive, personal, poetic, and this connotation must be itself free of its functional utility and will be closely linked to a psychological and aesthetic utility instead , that varies with the changing of styles and trends, but which people of every epoch have felt and will always feel the need.

Hence, also the different, infinite and possible combinations which each colour table, the different formats, the vertical and horizontal surfaces are able to offer
to the designer and the consumer. “

«GILLO DORFLES» (philosopher, artist and great protagonist of art, design and architecture)