Artistic forms as archetype


Once upon a time, there was a story to tell.
The heat burned the Divine Coast, the scent of the sea
went up to San Giovanni, in the blue sky of Vietri
flocks of birds danced and the music of mandolins
flooded hearts while the sun kissed
the tuna-fishing nets along the coast.
At sunset, the lampare (fishing lamps) went away and blinded the night
like fireflies. The silent moon appeared
in the village of Cava, the sweet sound of Santa Lucia Luntana
arrived to the Abbey, in the silence of a workshop
Mina’s warm voice started to sing ‘Il cielo in una stanza’,
a brush began to dance on a tile.

My name is CeVi and I am the tile of Ceramica Vietrese.
I was born from an idea, a pencil stroke, a colour:
a sketch that becomes emotion.

And I am made of love, of passion, art and

I’d like to enter your heart to make you live
your dreams in technicolour.