handmade as in the past


Since 1962,
I enjoy doing things that still are repeated timelessly.
Brushes, sea sponges, spatulas, glazes, colours, tales, stories, art and
culture are tools that I use every day
to produce a still all artisanal ceramic.

I like making freehand decorated tiles,
searching for glaze mixtures, trying the right colour density,
creating new styles and decorations.

I like decorating a panel as if it was an author’s painting
to portray a glimpse of Capri and the Divine Coast
or reproduce views of Vesuvius from ancient Neapolitan prints from the 1800s.
1000 majolica tiles, belonging to our roots, daughters of our
culture, handcrafted and
decorated by hand in the the old-fashioned way.

The history, the roots, the art, the colour, the handmade,
the watercolour, the beauty, the harmony, the elegance, the perfume
of the freesias, flooding the Vietri garden, the Neapolitan majolica
from the 1800s, the ceramic that will never go out of style,
the desire to sing about love, life, happiness.